We are the Webster family located 60 miles south of Chicago IL.  We are a small family that  includes myself, Scott, my wife, Michele and daughter, Tiffany.  My wife & I have had a love of animals forever.  We both had animals growing up as kids and some before my daughter was born. After our daughter was born nature stepped in and we lost our pets do to natural causes.  It left a big hole in my heart for a long time.  But being that our daughter was only two months old and us carrying on the role of new parents the idea of a pet was put on hold but never forgotten.  Many years later my parents got a Goldendoodle.  Me and my family fell in love with him.  He was not like any dog we had ever been around before.  I talked to my wife and asked, can we get one?  She  said, I love Carmel, that is his name, but he is way to big for our home.  Carmel is a Standard Goldendoodle, which weighs  approx 90 pounds.  After some time went by I couldn't let the void of a pet rest no longer.  After much research of the Goldendoodle breed, I found Miniature Goldendoodles!!!  The rest is history and happy to say the big hole in our hearts is now filled.  I truly believe Goldendoodles are very special dogs and you will too. 

Please contact us with questions about any aspects of our wonderful labor of love. We’re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers and talk Doodles. 

Buffy as a puppy and my parent's dog Carmel
This is our female Buffy.  She is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle 26 pounds with a wavy cream coat. Her mother was a full size Golden Retriever from champion blood lines. Her father was a miniature black poodle. 
Our other female is Penny aka CEO/Web Site Builder Boat Captain and my Co Pilot. She is a F1B 18 pounds with curly red hair. Her mother was a F1 red Mini Gloldendoodle and her father is a miniature chocolate poodle.
This is Cooper He is Lightning's dad. He is a poodle and is 8 pounds and white in color. His mother and father were both miniature apricot poodles. Cooper lives with another family now and we sure do miss him!!!!
We need a bigger bed when Uncle Carmel visits!!
Do you think they like each other?
Penny and Buffy back home after a day a the spa.
Penny 3 minutes later....lol
This is our female Brandy. She is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle. She has a wavy red coat. Her mother was a full size Golden Retriever from champion blood lines. Her father was a miniature red poodle.
This is our female Misty. She is a F1 Mini English/Cream Goldendoodle. She has a wavy white cream coat. Her mother was a full size English Golden Retriever from champion blood lines. Her father was a miniature white poodle.
I would like to share this email from my parents:

Just a few things to share with our family and to their new friends. Lighting was a year old today and we have got to tell our children thanks for making our house so exciting. Carmel the one that started this all is so happy to have Lighting( aka Little brother). Carmel weighs 91 lbs and Lighting 19and both believes he weighs the same as the other. Most would never believe the 2 of them wrestle and tug-o-war together. Carmel always lets Lighting win so he keeps coming back for more. These dogs love people, love each other, and love to be the center of attention. Sometimes we think we could do without television. We are so proud of the kids breeding these dogs and bring so much joy to many families. Our Granddaughter installs so much love into each and every puppy before they leave. Even though Grandma and Grandpa are a little sad to see them leave for their new families it gives us joy that more families will love these bundles of fun and companionship. Grandpa always has to have a little talk with before they leave to take good care of their new families and spread their happiness. Hope you are enjoying yours. 

Dave and Sandy Webster
alias Grandma and Grandpa
Lightning & Carmel
Miss Kitty & Rosco RIP We love you!!!
In the boat is my wife Michele I am at the bottom left Scott then my daughter Tiffany and Parents Sandy and Dave. This was a family vacation on Lake Shaffer at Indiana Beach. Doodle are left to right Misty,Honey,Brandy ,Buffy,Penny Carmel and LIghtning.
Is that a smile Penny?
How many doodle can you fit on a love seat?
Captain Carmel is a full size Goldendoodle
I wanted to let all of my doodle friends and extended doodle family know. Very sad day has come for me and my family. My mother Sandy Webster passed away late Wednesday 8/6/14 . This was a very sudden and shock to us all. She loved what we do so much and was very proud of it and helped us so much. I don't know what we will do without her help and love she was such amazing and special person. She was at the birth of every puppy we have had to this point and shed tears every time. We now have the ultimate guardian angel. Please hold your loved ones tight. We lost a wonderful person way before her time. Thanks for the support everybody!!!! This is her with her Golden Doodles Carmel and Lightning. Love you mom!!! Thanks, Scott Webster and family.

Sandra Sue Webster RIP!!!

We love you and Miss you!!!

Brandy,Lightning,Misty and 
Our girl Misty past away on 10/30/14. This was a very sad day for our family, as she was very special to us. She had two life threatening issues happening, neither of them are hereditary. We at first thought she was having a miscarriage, but found out she had Pyometra, which is a uterine infection. We decided to have her spade, as this was the quickest and best way to treat the Pyometra. When they ran the blood test for surgery we found out she also had Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia which is when the red blood attack each other and this can happen for unknown reasons. The blood test results showed she was too weak from the anemia and feared she would not be strong enough to risk the surgery. She needed to be treated for the Anemia first and we hoped she would get stronger treating the Anemia, at least enough to have the surgery; however this was not the case. This was a huge shock for us, to have her health diminish so quickly and also the rarity for both these things to happen simultaneously, is just a very rare thing. Both of these issues can be treated; however having the combination of both was just too much. She spent most her last week here on my lap, her favorite spot and mine also. Misty was my very special girl, my shadow for sure. Many of you know my mother passed away in August. I know my mother was there to take care of things, like she always did in the past and she was greeting Misty with open arms. 
We love and miss you!!!! RIP
RIP MISTY 3/18/11-10/30/14
This camping trip we had 6 adult doodles and 7 puppies.
She was my buddy for sure love you Misty!!!!
Sandy Webster and Misty love and miss you both so much!!!!!!