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We are proud to say every dog on this website is a cherished family pet.  We are a home breeder in East Tennessee, specializing in Miniature Goldendoodles also known as Mini Goldendoodles.  We only have a few litters of puppies a year.  We have chosen this breed because of their wonderful loving nature, intelligence, ease of training, and compatibility with children. They also have very little to no shedding due to the poodle breed mixture. We are a pet loving family ourselves  and enjoy these quality's in our family pets.  Our puppies are raised right here in our living room with plenty of socialization to people and other dogs unlike most kennels,puppy mills. They are truly part of our family, who bring us much joy with their loyalty, playfulness, and never ending affection.  We enjoy placing our puppies in homes where we know they will receive the care they deserve. The kind of homes where they will bring as much joy to your family, as our pets bring to our family. 

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  1. Hello Webster Family, Our girl's new name is Coco. The kids named her, and thought that was a good name for her color"... "Thanks again for blessing our house with this beautiful little treasure!! We love her already :) Just wanted to send you a few pics of Coco the Mighty Packer Pup!!! She's doing great - making some progress with potty training. It will definitely help once all of the snow has melted. Coco is a true snuggler. She'll run wild for about 15 minutes, then crawl up onto one of our laps, and snuggle in for a little snooze. At her first vet appointment, she weighed 2.8 pounds. We take her back in this week - she is probably up to 3 1/2 pounds now. She gets a lot of attention whenever we take field trips - everyone just loves her :) Hope you're all doing well.......we'll keep you informed about how Coco is doing - Joni
  2. I wanted to share her first family photos! We have been to puppy preschool and basic obedience. She got spayed last week. We absolutely love her and she and the kids get along really well.
  3. Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know how great Josie is - affectionate, happy, smart, still red and a great pal for Jake. She makes us laugh everyday! - Thanks! Ann
  4. Here's a new picture of pickles....he crawled into the basket and fell asleep:) he's such a good dog!! We went to the vet today and they said he looks good!! He's the talk of the town that's for sure!!"..."I think he is an intellectual puppy:) went straight to the book shelf!!"..." Ha ha thanks so much!!! He seems pretty comfortable and happy here so that's good! Take care. -Karissa
  5. Hi Websters! As we are getting close to celebrating Winston’s second birthday, we just wanted to send a quick e-mail to thank you again for taking such good care of him for the first part of his life. He has remained a happy puppy and still loves exploring (especially in the snow). We are still working on getting him to enjoy swimming; however, he loves coming with us on road trips and weekends to the lake house. He is so kind and loves all other dogs and humans as well! He really enjoys doing tricks, especially when his favorite treats are involved and has become a pro at posing for the many pictures we take of him. Below are some pictures- he is from Ellie & Lightning’s litter on 12/25/13. We cannot thank you enough for the love and joy Winston has brought to our family. Warmest wishes for the holidays and a happy new year! - Lauren & Rick Ruffing
  6. As you can see Sophie feels right at home with her big sister Peaches! It took Sophie only 1 and 1/2 days but she started to pee outside. She loves the Florida sunshine and the warm weather. Thanks again for Sophie - Ronnie, Sandy and Peaches Goodman
  7. Just thought id send you a few pics and let you know MJ (from Brandys litter) is doing great! We love her and she's a been growing into a fun loving and smart little dog! She has an accident every now and again but is doing great with potty training over all. She doesn't even sleep in her crate anymore, and wakes us up in the morning when it's time to go. She's about 10-12 lbs now and every person that sees her says she looks like a teddy bear lol. We couldn't agree more. Hope all is well with you guys. Have a great day! - Regards, Paul
  8. Hey guys, Kingston is doing well thought you guys might like a picture or two of what he's been up to. He enjoys long walks on the golf course attending prom pictures and playing with his sister Bella. These two are the talk of ArlingtonHeights everyone can't get enough of them. He is doing well here and is totally adjusted, he has minimal accidents which we are ecstatic about he also sleeps through the night which we couldn't be more happy about. He is very well loved here thank you again. - The Nix family & Kingston
  9. Hi Scott and Michelle, Attached are a few pics of Sammy. She is a blessing! Hope all is well with you guys! - Anita
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Mini Goldendoodles Puppies

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