Goldendoodle Puppies

What food should we feed our new puppy?

How do puppy picks work?

Picks go in the order of deposit and they start at about 4-5 weeks of age. I will contact the first family on the list and as soon as they pick a date and time or make a pick I will let the next family know so they can make plans. You don't need to make a pick in person. We will do what ever we need to do to help you make a pick. We can help with extra pictures or video just let us know what you are looking for. We don't rush picking the process but please be aware all family's are just as excited as you are and we can't have one family hold up the rest. This is how we choose to do picking and has worked out very good. 
We feed our dogs Life's Abundance Premium All Stage Health Food. As the puppy is weaned from its mother we start them on it also. We think this is some of best pet food on the market.

Where do I order NuVet supplements for the health agreement?

Where do you get Life's Abundance Premium Health Food?

Life's Abundance Premium Health Food is not sold in stores you can buy it from our website home page and have it delivered to your door. They have a whole line of pet care items for all of your needs. Please check them out and compare other brands.
You can call 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 24205
You can click here. 
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Dog Information

A real Goldendoodle is a mix of ONLY of Golden Retriever and Poodle not all breeders
areuse these breeds only. They still call them Goldendoodles and a lot of times they use other breeds to make them smaller we don't agree with this.
A real Goldendoodle is a mix of ONLY of Golden Retriever and Poodle not all breeders
areuse these breeds only. They still call them Goldendoodles and a lot of times. We breed naturally only. Some br  
Coats can be straight, wavy, curly or a mixture and change as they age. Colors may be black, white, apricots, golden creams, reds or chocolates also changing with age.
 Most puppies will have their dewclaws removed.  This is most often performed around 2-5 days of age.  This is to prevent the loosely attached dewclaw from catching on furniture, carpet, etc. resulting in damage to the toe.
 They will be vet checked minimum of twice all vaccinations will be up to date. Vaccinations at most vets are 6,9,12 and 16 weeks. 

We take a group puppy pictures at the time of birth of the girls and of the boys. About one week after we take individual pictures we have this schedule as the pigment color of the nose and feet change from all pink
towhat ever it will be. We wait to take the next set of pictures till eyes open on all of them and they are clear. This is about two weeks after and some video also. We have a reason when picture are taken and when and have found these are just the best times. All picture will be posted on the website so please be patient. 

Generation Scale: For Miniature Golden Doodles 

(F1) First Generation: Golden Retriever to a miniature  Poodle. 

(F1b) This is called a (Backcross) A First Generation Mini Goldendoodle bred back to a Poodle. (most times this gives a more curly coat and less shedding to all). Weight is around 15-25 pounds when mature.

(F2) A First Generation bred to Another First Generation still maintaining the 50/50 mix. 

(F2b) also called sometimes (F2bb) This is a second generation Goldendoodle. This again is a Backcross of A F1b Mini Goldendoodle back to a Poodle or (F1B X F1 = F2B) (even less shedding in most). This
isa more hard to find and our smallest more like a petite Goldendoodle.

(F3) The third generation Goldendoodle (F3) is produced by
crossinga F1 with a F2B or F1B, F2 with another F1B or F2 Goldendoodle. We have also heard these called American Goldendoodles. They're like the F1B's and will have a higher success rate for non-shedding.
Payment Options

1.CASH is always welcome if you live near or for final payment for pick up. Please make arrangements for this a (ONE) week prior to pickup.

2.Postal Money Orders: This is the least expensive transaction as long as time allows and is preferred payment method. By sending overnight and providing a tracking number the pup of your choice will be placed on PENDING and marked SOLD on receipt of payment.

3.Wal-Mart money grams: are not very expensive and is located in most areas .......

4.PayPal : With a credit card or apaypal acct. I simply send you an invoice so that we both have record, this is easy, safe and secure. Paypal does charge an acceptance fee and I do require the buyer to cover that. I will charge a additional fee of 3% for deposit and final payment if you use papal. PayPal charges a fee for receiving money so we pass this on. 

5.Western Union very expensive and locations are sometimes hard to find. I do not accept personal checks,or bank transfers. I require a $200 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to hold your choice puppy and the remaining balance 1 (ONE) week prior to shipping or pickup. Full payment must be received before final shipping arrangements are made. If you have additional questions regarding payment info.
Please contact me.

Thank You!
The Webster's

Shipping Information

We use Delta and shipping is a one day service.

Our Precious Cargo leaves out of Bloomington (BMI) airport it is 3 1/2 hour round trip from my front door. This is the only airport we use no exceptions.  We get to the airport 2 hours early for a smooth check in. Departing times are depending on seasonal weather, in summer month's we take really early am flights to avoid heat and winter month's we take late morning flights to allow for temps to rise. Each pup is shipped with a complete Veterinarian Health check an Acclimation stating at what temperatures the animal can endure for short periods of time, this is usually temps between 20* and 85*. USDA regulates no puppy may ship at less than 8 weeks of age, and without climate control, that any where along the route if temperatures are above 85* or below 30* they may not ship. Safety is of most concern and it should be.

Ship dates are made no more than 2 weeks in advance.  I normally do not have flight numbers and times until a week or two before the ship date. Due to concern of our National Security the service they provide is a blessing, without it as individual shippers we would have to endure extensive time consuming security searches each and every time we ship. They screen and re-screen and take the responsibility on their shoulders to allow me to spend my time on more important things (our babies). 

To make correspondence easier we request the following:
 Full name/s of anyone picking up the puppy.
 All contact numbers cell/home/work for you the day of shipping.
 The closest Major Airport nearest to you and the letter Code for that airport.. Example: DFW SAN etc.

When you receive notice from me about flight information you will see the following:
AIR WAY BILL # Very Important
Departing City
Destination City
Flight #'s and times

**Please be sure that you take this information with you in case there is a need to track shipping or to inquire about pick up. You will also need to have with you two forms of ID.

It is a good idea to call the airport to find out where they prefer you to pick up your puppy, lobby / luggage / cargo. Every airport may be different, but most Delta require you to pick up in the terminal at the baggage claim office. They will also require the above information. But please do not contact them until after departure time which will always be CENTRAL TIME. If you do they will not know anything until that cargo is boarded.

Puppy Purchase and Health Agreement

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to best of my knowledge at the time of this sale, and has been examined by our licensed veterinarian at least twice. This puppy has had its first set of shots and dewormed. You will get a up to date record of your puppy's shots at pickup/delivery. This does not mean this puppy is immune to diseases. Therefore you, the buyer, are responsible to maintain your puppy,s continued vaccinations and to also do on a yearly basis according to your own vet's recommendations. Failure to complete rest of the puppy or normal shots will void the warranty.

As a buyer, you have three (3) business days from the day of purchase to have this puppy examined by your own licensed veterinarian if you wish to choose to. If your vet determines your puppy is in ILL health, you must make immediate arrangements with seller to return puppy along with a written and signed statement from you vet, should this be your choice. Transportation cost back to breeder are at the buyers expense.

As a dog breeder, animal health is my top priority. That's why NuVet Plus immune system builder is required as part of your pets Health Guarantee. To assure your puppy gets off to the right start, they have been enjoying NuVet Plus every day as a treat (they love the taste). Continuing this daily regiment the easiest and best way to keep your pet on the path to perfect health!
Buyer needs to put the new puppy on NuVet vitamins for the duration of the guarantee. We will be notified by NuVet if you start the vitamin and it is later cancelled. NuVet is a vitamin we feel very strongly about and believe this is the way to keep your family pet in continued health. It helps keep your dog's immune system at its best. To order NuVet call 1-800-474-7044. Use # 24205 to get a discount (when on autoship) on your NuVet Plus Plan!
This provision is ONLY null and void if discussed before puppy purchase with the Seller and the Seller provides written proof of agreement for said puppy to be on another vitiman. 

Buyer must have puppy spay/neuter within 6 months of receiving the puppy or the Health contract will be void. Puppy is sold as a pet and is not be breed. If for some reason the puppy doesn't work with your family puppy needs to be returned to breeder instead of taking puppy to a shelters. I will NOT be refunding adoption fees or any for any reason.

Seller does not guarantee against Parvovirus or Distemper (within 72 hours of receiving puppy). Seller does not guarantee against Corona Virus or any other type of intestinal viruses including Coccidia or Giardia once the puppy leaves Sellers possession. Seller also does not guarantee against dealth from hypoglycemia.

If your puppy should become ill take to your veterinarian right away if veterinarian is not open take to emergency veterinarian. If puppy should pass away the first year of its life and it is proven through an autopsy that it happened due to a hereditary problem we will replace the puppy as soon as one is available. All test must and documented by your vet with all test performed and sent to us.  Autopsy must be performed by sellers veterinarian at buyers expense. Seller assumes no responsibility or financial liability for any veterinarian visits, treatments, traveling expenses, or in case of death an autopsy. All veterinarian expenses of puppy are at the cost of the buyer and not the seller. We do not cover hip dysplasia as it can develop from environmental aspects such as too much weight on the puppy and running the puppy too much before hips are developed.  


We DO NOT guarantee color, temperament, coat, levels of shedding, bite (under/over) or size of puppy.  If you are a first time puppy owner please be aware of "normal" puppy behaviors such as ...chewing, nipping, jumping, running, barking or periods of high energy as these should never be considered a fault. With maturity of the dog, proper training, patience and commitment from you....these undesirable behaviors will soon pass with proper training and you will have your perfect family companion!

Pet ownership is a serious commitment. I would gladly take back any of our puppies at any time for any reasons with no questions asked. However, I will NOT be refunding adoption fees or any other fees for any reasons other than serious health issues of the puppy that must be documented by your vet with all test performed. Please carefully consider your decision to adopt and your ability to care for and raise a puppy in a loving home.